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Victoria Blisse writes about living a blisseful life

Victoria Blisse talks to us about her busy life as an author of smut!   Hello, I’m Victoria Blisse, I write and procrastinate. I’m either writing to avoid doing something else or doing...
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An exciting week for Sierra Cartwright!

A great week for international bestseller Sierra Cartwright!    This week has seen some great successes for top BDSM author Sierra Cartwright! Bind, book one in her The Dono...
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A Q&A with Jacqueline Anne

Get to know more about Jacqueline Anne and her new release Make Me Forget.   How do you research locations? A lot of the places I mention in my books, I have personally visited. Make Me...
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Totally Bound's Erotic Romance Glossary

Totally Bound's Erotic Romance Glossary So you’re a fan of Erotic Romance fiction. The question is, do you know what all of these terms and phrases mean? We’ve created a basic guide to unde...
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Corinne A. Silver talks to us about why and how she started writing

Corinne A. Silver talks to us about setting out to write an erotic story with a little more realism, and how that evolved into Wrecked.   Someone asked me why I wrote a book and what t...
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Dreamy Destinations

What are you getting up to this Bank Holiday Weekend? Whether you are jetting off to a tropical island or planning a staycation, we have the books for you to while away your days this long week...
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Enter our survey for a chance to win!

Enter our Dreamy Destinations survey!   Totally Bound are running a survey to get an insight into what our readers want from their summer reads! Enter for your chance to win a bundle...
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Kait Gamble talks about her wanderlust

Kait Gamble talks to us about growing up wanting to see the world, and how that has affected her writing.   I wasn’t your typical little girl growing up. Instead of playing with dolls and...
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Senior Editor Sarah chooses Magenta Starling by Natalie Dae

  Editor’s Choice: Senior Editor Sarah chooses Magenta Starling by Natalie Dae   This week’s Editor’s Choice is Magenta Starling, the new time travel and fantasy...
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