Rachel Randall

Rachel Randall draws inspiration from the kinky, classy, cool of London. She writes characters with interesting day jobs, who know what they want and how to ask for it (usually with a slow slide down to their knees). Her favourite words include "indulgence", "filthy", and "Here are your backstage passes to the Franz Ferdinand gig". One day she'll figure out how to get away with naming a character after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, especially now that she's moved to Bristol.

Rachel believes in evidence-based smut, and keeps a pet scientist in the house for peer review.

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Reviews (17)

This story was short but was packed with enough sexual adventure that left this reader wanting more. Great story!

The narration by a truly appreciative man makes this work really well. Him seeing and wanting make for delicious sexual tension, then when it's satisfied, so is the reader! Both of them are s...

The author does a good job...This is a quick sexy read with some unique elements that I can happily recommend.

His Christmas Present was a very hot read. It was short but it was filled with sex that was explicit and very hot. I really enjoyed the story line...The characters were fun...I greatly enjoyed t...

Rachel Randall successfully pulled me into the settings she created and allowed me to feel the desire controlling Mira throughout the novella...I would eagerly read more work from this talented ...

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Great little post highlighting a moment in RSURS showing how/why Scott Lynch's worldbuilding is so GOOD.
 Tweeted 06/04/2014 18:17
SUCH a beautiful day today! Lovely sunshine-y picnic overlooking my gorgeous Bristol, then went to Debenhams for new makeup. Hooray weekend!
 Tweeted 09/03/2014 18:34
Incredible giveaways over at fThe Romance Review's big event -- and you can win a copy of Taking It Off today!
 Tweeted 09/03/2014 18:33
I can't stop thinking about Mycroft's/Gatiss's Prince of Wales check three-piece from last night. That's my dream suit, damn him.
 Tweeted 02/01/2014 22:23

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