By Annika Erin

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A red-hot enemies-to-lovers romance, featuring a feisty heroine and a jaded billionaire who thinks closing a business deal is way more exciting than sex.

Things are looking up for Izobelle’s struggling florist business when she’s hired to do the flowers for Tropical Queensland’s society wedding of the year.

She meets Sebastian, the groom’s hotter-than-hell billionaire older brother and sparks fly in all directions. But a bad case of mistaken identity has Seb bundling a humiliated and furious Izzy off his luxury island, with orders never to return.

Now she hates him. Right?

After his monumental gaffe Seb must work like the devil to redeem himself. But, despite her libido going off the scale every time she glimpses him, Izzy is determined not to forgive and forget.

When he entices her with a business deal, cruising the waters of The Great Barrier Reef for three days on his super-yacht, wounded pride or not, she takes a chance and accepts.

Seb finds himself apologising yet again and his bid for redemption seems like a lost cause. Determined to make amends, he quickly discovers he’s not only burning-up with lust, but Izzy has aroused his long-dormant protective streak, confusing him in ways he can’t fathom.

When a cyclone maroons the pair on a deserted island, their blazing chemistry morphs into wildfire.

Is it too late for Seb to redeem himself or will he lose Izzy forever?

General Release Date: 11th June 2024

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-905-2
Word Count: 61,905
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 261

About the author
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Annika Erin

A pile of dusty books found in her granny’s rambling old house in Sydney, Australia, set Annika’s imagination alight. Thanks to authors like Georgette Heyer, Nora Roberts, and many long-lost sexy tales, romance truly captivated her—even if she was too young to be reading them.

As a nomad and hopeless romantic, Annika draws inspiration for the settings of her novels from some of the exotic places she has called home—from Scotland to Australia’s tropics and its untamed outback.

Annika spends her days caring for her rescue animals (three dogs and a cat) and writing in her glorious tropical garden beside a jungle in Bali, Indonesia.

Whether crafting a billionaire story, rural romance or historical fantasy series, readers can expect an Annika Erin novel to be swoony, angsty and steamy.


Find out more on Annika's website.

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