Alysha Ellis

Alysha Ellis lives in Australia and when she isn't busy drinking champagne, eating chocolate and letting her inner tart run free, she writes erotic comedy. Her favourite quote comes from Mae West… A hard man is good to find. Who could argue with that? Alysha tries very hard to be bad, because bad girls have all the fun.

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Alysha Ellis - Fresh Fiction feature

We all want to be good, don’t we? And when it comes to the big things in life, we mostly are. Your angelic-self shouts at the rotten driver who cuts you off in traffic, but you don’t ram your car into him. 

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Alysha Ellis - ARe Cafe Feature

Who Gets Served the Burnt Portion at Dinner? If you’re a mother, I’m betting it’s you. Because that’s what women are trained to do from childhood. Take the burnt crust, the smaller portion, do the extra bit of cleaning—make continual small sacrifices for the good of the family.

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Reviews (16)

After reading this book, I believe I have found a new goal in life. And that is to find two sexy bisexual cowboys and make them mine. The chemistry was hot and immediate between Hamish, Sophie and ...

All I can say is that I never knew heaven could be so much fun!! I would love to see more of these two.... I am sure that the Archangel has many "lessons" for our little misbehaving angel. LOL

The Kissing Bough was an entertaining novelette that kept me smiling nearly the entire time I read it. Due to its length, The Kissing Bough is more of a look at how Lucinda a...

I always love a sexy, romantic, cougarish romance! Downunder Heat was a very pleasurable read! Alysha Ellis makes it feel very real. Their chemistry was sizzling! Although Kitty ultimately ...

A lovely, heartwarming and sexy read that would brighten up an evening very effectively.

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Ugh. I hate it when you send for a sample of a book, enjoy it, buy it, then get to the end and discover what you...
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Today, my news feed is full of transphobic posts or stories about transphobes. In the meantime, my daughter is...
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