Knight Takes Queen

By Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Peter is at a loose end. Bored, he drops in to tease fellow Agent Jane Harvey only to find her fighting off a technical hacking attempt. Drawn into a decade-long conspiracy, both Peter and Jane need to dig deep and rely on each other to save the Agency.

Peter Abrams is used to charming and talking his way into—and out of—every situation. But he’s not so savvy when it comes to the technical side of things. Jane Harvey has never met a system she couldn’t crack, but even she is kept on her toes when a hacker attempts to steal archived files from the Agency.

They’re both drawn into the conspiracy, a deep, dark secret the Agency has been hiding for decades. Unsure who to trust, when even their own people might be involved, Peter and Jane try to treat this like any other case, but such delicate files are in play it’s impossible to know where to turn.

Drawn together, Peter and Jane have to trust themselves and each other or the explosive revelations might destroy the very Agency they both work for and love. 


General Release Date: 17th April 2015

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-502-4
Word Count: 30,528
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 89

About the author
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Elizabeth Lapthorne

Elizabeth Lapthorne has been writing professionally since 2002. She has a number of books released and is continually surprised by how much fun she has starting a new book and discovering new characters and situations that they put themselves in. She enjoys going to the gym (usually to chew over her latest problem scene), is rarely without a partially read book and has a weakness for chocolate.

Elizabeth loves to hear from her fans and checks her email religiously.

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  Reviewed by Literary Nymphs Reviews

Peter is a field agent and takes it on himself to protect Jane when they realize the Agency is under attack, especially when Jane pulls the plug to protect Agency systems.  The chemistry between the...

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Elizabeth Lapthorne - Coffee Time Romance feature

Maybe it’s my inner nerd-girl, but I love a smart heroine. Nowadays we readers expect our heroines not to faint at the drop at a hat, or sit around in chains, miserable, waiting for their man to come get them. Yet I am still sometimes surprised by how seemingly intelligent female characters can turn pretty silly once the going gets tough.

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Elizabeth Lapthorne - Female First feature

Since I was a young teenager, I've had the fantasy of being a thief. Dressed head to toe in black, hair braided back and hidden under a knitted cap. I'd be picking locks and climbing into second floor windows to prowl around, steal some gorgeous jewels, maybe steal a kiss and a heated embrace with some handsome, dastardly man I encountered. I recall a number of lunch-breaks through my high school years that comprised of trying to teach myself how to pick locks.

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