The Misbegotten Misses Series

Elle Q. Sabine

They are the daughters of an earl, flowers of the ton, with bright futures ahead under the glittering chandeliers of London. But then, one day they are not. These four misses—Fiona, Abigail, Gloria and Genevieve—must discover if they are more or less than they thought they were, and look for love in all the unexpected places.

Abigail finds herself in the countryside, thrust into the arms of a lord, excluded by choice, politics and bad manners. Gloria is banished to the shores of the Irish Sea, rusticating after her Prince Despicable's death. Fiona refuses to even consider the prospect of a man, until two come her way just when she needs one. Genevieve grieves her stolen adolescence until her sisters sweep her to London to give her the Season of any girl's dream, and she finds herself wanting nothing more than the one man she's already lost.

Join these young ladies as they lose the gilded existence they expected and quest forward in search of the extraordinary lives they deserve.

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