The Best-Laid Plans

By Sandra Carmel

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What happens when the best-laid plans create an accidental baby?

Archer Aldrich, a commitment-phobic, full-human CEO of his own company in Melbourne, Australia, discovers that he must marry by Valentine’s Day to inherit a shit-ton of money from his great-uncle’s will. His dilemma deepens when the woman he has the hots for—Temperance Elskelig, a part-Jade-Violet vampire, part-human—is slated to return to Norway because her working visa will soon expire.

Archer has refrained from pursuing a relationship with Temperance to avoid upsetting her brother and business partner, Bror. The perfect solution? A fake marriage. If Archer and Temperance pretend to be involved, they can meet the required stipulations while having some fun, then go their separate ways afterward. No harm, no foul, right?

As they embark on this journey together, they are forced to face additional, unexpected challenges. Vampire attacks, plus Bror’s lack of support and Archer’s fear of committing to one partner, clash with Archer’s growing affection for Temperance. While he grapples with his unexpected emotions, she attempts to reconcile her feelings for him with her desire to remain in Melbourne.

Add an unplanned pregnancy into the mix, and the stakes go from high to out-of-the-stratosphere. Can Archer and Temperance conquer their emotional and physical limitations, as well as compounding environmental issues, to commit to a loving long-term relationship?


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of public sex, violence, and attempted murder.

General Release Date: 16th July 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-906-9
Word Count: 48,642
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 205

About the author
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Sandra Carmel

Sandra Carmel is an Australian author of racy, flirty and downright-dirty romance novels, novellas, short stories and poetry, who enjoys stimulating herself and others with words. An obsession with classic romance novels, particularly Jane Eyre, and her infatuation with Mr Rochester were key motivators in commencing her romance writing journey. So far, she has taken the scenic route from steamy paranormal to sci-fi to contemporary, creating provocative stories that delve beneath the surface of desire. She reads and writes a lot, frequently disrupted by her ever-attentive, cheeky cats, and sinfully amorous array of book boyfriends.

You can follow Sandra on Instagram and Bookbub and find her on Amazon.

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