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Raven McAllan - BTS emagazine piece

Location, Location, Location

Many moons ago I read a romance set in New Zealand. The descriptions of the scenery were so vivid I was hooked, and said immediately that I wanted to go and visit and see for myself. The author painted such a graphic picture of the areas the book was set in that I felt I was there with the characters. When eventually, many years after, I was lucky enough to visit the country, I had a fantastic sense of déjà vu. It was familiar. I remember walking around a corner in a village in Northland and knowing what was around the corner. All from a description in a book I’d read a long time before.

Raven McAllan - Female First Post

Writing Romance


How lucky am I? The day I was able to put 'author' in the little box that asks for your status on a form was a red letter day for me. I swear my hand shook as I wrote the word.

I'm an author. I write romance. All sorts of romance.


Not only do I decide what my characters are like, but in theory I get to tell you, the readers, their story. I say in theory because I'm one of those people known as a ‘pantster’. I start off with an idea, know where I want it to go and then sit back and enjoy… or not… the ride. Whether I get to where I thought I was going is in the lap of the gods…or the characters.

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