Renee Michaels

Renee Michaels lives in sunny south Florida. She started to write as a creative outlet during her husband's extended illness. Now she can't imagine doing anything else.

She has books published with Liquid Silver Books, Red Rose Publishing, Samhain Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing, and a full-length. She contributed a story to the anthology Carnal Machines, published by Cleis Press, which won a gold medal at the Ippy Awards.

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Renee Michaels - ARe Post

When I started writing I was told it would be best to pick a genre and stick to that particular category. The reason being that readers tend to pick a certain kind of book and stick to it. I rejected this idea. I read a lot, probably too much, and I read a wide variety of books.  That being said, I don’t see how I could pick just one type of story to read or write.  I’ve written, fantasy, paranormal, historical, and interracial. I hope to scribble a romantic suspense one day. I never pen a novel thinking how well the story is going to sell. My aim is to spin a tale peppered with a little sex, well more than a little—a dash of adventure and some humour. I hope that will be good enough to engage anyone who reads my work and that they’ll want to see how my story unfolds.

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Oh Miss Molly, what delicious sexcapades you get into trying to keep your boss out of trouble! 

MÉNAGE A MUST is the first book in the Molly's Mayhem series about a ran...

This historical romance was a short, fun, sexy read. The story includes playfulness, lust, many short sex scenarios, humor and suspense. Definitely a quick and fun read!
Who doesn't love some rowdy sex now and then, especially when the players are all as yummy as Molly & Co.! This series is so sexy and fun that I couldn't wait to pick up this latest instal...
Several sensual interludes from voyeurism to menagé with two couples brings a unique and fun twist to a historical romp from the perspective of a servant.  Quick reading, spicy and cleve...

This is the second installment in the Molly's Mayhem series, and it can be read as a standalone. That said, I desperately want to read the first book since the references sound so deligh...

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