Bebe Balocca

I live in a teeny-tiny town in the southeastern United States, surrounded by rolling hills and lots of cows. My house is brimming with my rowdy sons, hot husband, and more pets than I can shake a stick at. When I close my eyes, though, I'm in a white stucco villa on the Mediterranean, sipping a Pimm's Royal and watching the turquoise waves crash at my feet. Next to my hot husband, naturally.

I love to read and write erotic romance, fantasy, and sci-fi because of the escape factor: I want to leave the ordinary and travel somewhere exotic, unusual, and sexually-charged in a book. My characters are thrust into unpredictable situations, and they respond with humor, open-mindedness, and loads of scorching passion. I hope you enjoy escaping with me into the sultry world of erotic romance.

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Bebe Balocca - Interview for The Curse of The Tiger

The character of Faline is an animal lover, as are you, so is there a little bit of you in her?


Oh, definitely. I love animals. I'll confess that I'm a bit more of a dog person, though. I'm crazy about our German shepherd and miniature dachshund. We have two indoor/outdoor cats, too, and they are tremendous hunters. In fact, one left a particularly gruesome present on the front walk just this morning…


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I recommend as awesome/enjoyable!

I had been wanting to read this one since it was featured on my site on Halloween. I sat down to read it and even though it was short, was an OH MY GOSH read. Bebe tells you about the love these...

COVER DESIGN: Intriguing. The emotion in the woman's eyes is so strong that it makes me want to get to know what she is thinking. WHAT I LIKED: Every word of this book pulled me in deepe...

A great read! 4.5/5!

Instant lust between the two slowly starts to spin to love which is soon interrupted by mayhem.  Dora’s hesitation and conflicted feelings about the changes being asked of her, and the de...

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Happy (almost) Valentines Day
 Tweeted 13/02/2014 19:50
Bubbles and Troubles - now in PRINT! "an explosion of sensuality"
 Tweeted 20/01/2014 18:02
May Day, May Day!
 Tweeted 14/01/2014 19:31
RT @cw1985: A policeman stumbles upon a kinky new interest. Can he handle it? Caught in the Act: #erotica #ebook #ki…
 Tweeted 14/01/2014 19:17
RT @CaitlinRicci: Just over 3k words written before 9am. Happy times. I'd like to thank write or die and onerepublic for helping. Hoping …
 Tweeted 14/01/2014 19:17

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