Wind Warriors Series

Cheyenne Meadows

The Wind Warriors exist for one reason: ridding the earth of the most vile and lowest forms of humanity in existence. Former special ops members, these retired military men and one woman still carry the fire and drive to protect the innocent, only now they work in total secret, pick and choose their missions, and have free rein to complete their assignments in the most complete way possible. They take on impossible odds, put their lives on the line, and are only known to exist by the very top level of national security. Failure isn't an option.

For them, finding love and settling down is a dream. Their career keeps them on the move and at the mercy of a phone call.  Not to mention, the danger anyone attached to them could face if one of their targets tracks them back. Yet, as each one stumbles across a special person, they can't help but wonder if just maybe they can balance both work and love for the right person.

After all, Wind Warriors are brave, smart, and downright determined. What they want, they find a way to get. 





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