The Cure Series

Sandra Carmel

It's beyond love at first sight the day 1960s geneticist, Richard Hall, spots Sub Rosa secretary, Eva Fjelstad. One sip of a newly-developed soulmate serum, and a brush of hands, confirms Richard and Eva are destined to be together.

But there's one problem.

Richard discovers corruption at the core of Sub Rosa—the research corporation he works for—and is faced with a decision no man wants to make. Should he stay true to his moral compass, and risk the relationship with his beloved Eva, to expose a generations-old atrocity? Or does he tow the company line, let vampires vanish from the world, and keep his soulmate safe, secure, and by his side forever?

For Sub Rosa personal assistant, Eden Freberg, kissing men is like making out with a mannequin. Cold, awkward, lifeless. That is until she meets alluring geneticist, Rick Hartman, and trades hot, sensual moves with him on a nightclub dance floor in 2010. From their first touch, they connect like long lost lovers, fitting together like missing pieces of a puzzle.

Eden is on an express train to beyond-this-world bliss: married, and with twins in less than a year. But the course of love derails when Eden and Rick discover a secret that shatters their identities and threatens their lives. Will their Richard and Eva past catch up to them before Rick can gain long-overdue retribution from Sub Rosa?

Murder of an allied researcher, sends Rick and Eden into a spiral of desperation. Forced to relocate to Norway to keep his family safe, Rick infiltrates the Sub Rosa compound, where the Violet and Jade vampires are held captive. Can he finally find a way to set the persecuted vampires and his family free, and bring Sub Rosa to justice for their lifetime of sins?

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