Love Divine

Genella DeGrey

Customer & Industry Reviews of Love Divine

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  Review by KB

Thoroughly enjoyable read! deGrey does a great job at building sexual tension between the characters and she pulls off the erotic scenes with grace and purpose. Being a person who is a fan of religions and their differences, the conflict between the two characters regarding their spirituality was realistic and didn't go anywhere near preachy. She treated it as a simple fact of life—two people on different spiritual paths and how those may or may not differ. Very well executed! The historical aspect of the story was very well-written, giving the piece the delightful authenticity of the time period. You feel immersed in the the Highlands of Britannia with the settings, language and culture. Again, very well executed! Recommended read!

  Review by Coffee Time Romance

I thought how Ms. deGrey had Ryus trying to explain that not all Christians were the same evildoers by comparing Druid rituals was brilliantly done. The passion that these two characters feel for each other practically explodes from the pages and leave

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