Hearts in Bloom

Sara Ohlin

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  Review by Rosanna Leo

CW: infertility, grief. Sara Ohlin has another winning story on her hands. I've become a fan of this author's romantic style and her focus on the main characters and their journey to love. With a Sara Ohlin romance, the reader really gets a deep dive into what makes her characters tick and it leads to a satisfying romantic journey. In this case, the action takes place around a spring festival. We have a single dad hero of twin girls, one who is dealing with various types of grief. We also have a heroine who is grieving in her own way. Her ex cheated on her and dumped her upon learning of her infertility. Ohlin deals delicately with this topic, and I was happy to see the story didn't end with a "miracle baby." Rather, we have two characters who simply love each other unconditionally...and a whole lot of sexy times! A lovely read, altogether.

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