Sharing His Submissive

Hannah Murray

Customer & Industry Reviews of Sharing His Submissive

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  Review by Jay

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is even remotely interested into S&M. The title says it all, it is about sharing, but not blindly. The author dows an amazing job of showing not just the kinky sex, but the love the two main characters share.

  Review by Laura H.

Nick and Rebecca's story started in Santa Daddy, though it's not necessary to read that one in order to enjoy this one. I love their dynamic. They maintain an enviable level of trust in their relationship and I loved seeing it tested and built up in this book. Cade's scenes make me even more curious about him. I'm hoping he'll get an HEA of his own. Only complaint is that sometimes I struggled to discern who was speaking, especially during the threesome scene. Lots of pronouns and no names for several paragraphs in a row had me re-reading in places. (Did Nick say that? Or did Cade?)

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