Black Aggie

Evie Jayne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Black Aggie

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  Review by The TBR Pile

It's truly delightful when a book this well written comes along.The story flows naturally and is effortless to read. The characters are believable and very well done. The action is spooky, suspenseful and arrives at a heart-thundering climax without being hokey or contrived. It's exciting, fast paced and has an intriguing premise...I can't say enough good things about this was as refreshing and satisfying as a cold drink on a hot day...Kudos to author Evie Jayne for a stellar kick off to a series that will thrill the socks (and pants) off many readers to come!

  Review by Molly Lolly

This story was really good. I enjoyed how Ms. Jayne took a local legend and made it her own. I love how she made this world of supernatural and paranormal with humans fighting for good...This was definitely a first in a series and has great set up for more to come. I’m eager to read the next book and see these characters again and for others to get their happy ending. I’m also going to be keeping an eye on other works by Ms. Jayne since her voice is so strong.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

This paranormal romance was a fun, quick read. This was a good beginning to a new series by Evie Jayne.

It was packed with mystery, romance, and paranormal that can satisfy every reader. It was short enough to read in one setting and keeps the reader intrigued until the end. I am looking forward to continue the series as Raphael’s siblings all have their story to tell.

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