The Bookshop

R.A. Padmos

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Bookshop

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  Review by Ashe Barker, author

The Bookshop is a haunting story, unusual and full of memorable characters. This book will appeal to those who like a strong heroine and an equally unmoveable hero. These two are made for each other. The emotional journey which Jakoba takes us on is both epic and intimate. Her story will remain with me for a long time.

  Review by Romancing The Book

The Bookshop by R.A. Padmos is one the most intriguing military novels that I have laid eyes on…readers will be blown away by one independent woman’s story. H

R.A. Padmos is indeed a talented writer. I was immediately sucked into the story. A story about a woman, love, and life choices. 

I loved the journey that R.A. Padmos has masterfully woven for readers entertainment. Readers will get to see this character’s love for reading, the ownership of a bookshop where she has worked and the stronghold of life’s memories especially that of photographs that take us all back in time to those old days…when we were much younger…The Bookshop is well-written and one that readers don’t want to miss. I fell in love with it on the first page, and I highly recommend this magnificent tale to readers worldwide.

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