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  Review by The Romance Studio

I loved this latest story in the Donovan Dynasty series.

I enjoyed watching Kelsey and Nathan’s relationship take shape. Seeing their attraction turn into something deeper made for a great read. Their story moves at a good pace and is full of emotions. 

Love is hard to ignore and once you have found love, it is hard to let go of. It was nice to watch this couple find their way through it all. No matter how hot things get between them in the end we see the love that grows between this couple and just how strong their bond is.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

This book was HOT, HOT, HOT!! It is the typical powerhouse story you’ve come to expect from Sierra, and Boss comes through in spades!!

I was jumping with excitement as this story progressed! Nathan is hot, and Kelsey was very endearing. They are attracted to each other from the first look and I loved how both had to reason with themselves about their growing feelings as the week progressed. 

  Review by Tanja

It gets better and hotter with each book !!! Sierra has outdone herself and I just loved every page of this book!It reminds me a lot of her Mastered series.Its story of Nathan (aka THE BOSS) and Kelsey.when one morning her world turns up-side-down -business, private, sexual- things will come to a blow and you get to know your worth. Kelsey gets blind-sided by a takeover and gets to grow even if she doesn't like it. Nathan is everything we've come to love and expect of a Donovan and even adds more to the name.Loved everything about this book, personal journey, the BDSM relationship, how all fit with the characters and story, its something that we can relate to.I can sympathize with Kelsey and choices she made cause all that happens up until that point in our lives leaves a mark with us and its sometimes hard to shake off. BUT with the right man and right guidance person can grow and blossom. just one spoiler: Julien Bonds is ever present.BOSS - Definitely a worthy read!

  Review by Jean Marie Boyer

Ouch! Burned myself on that book. While I usually do not ever go for boss gets assistant in bed stories. Well, this really isn't one of THOSE. I absolutely loved Kelsey, she is strong, independent and made her way into the world by herself and by her own mean,in no way shape or form did she "need" to sleep with her new boss....But, she did. I loved Nathan, strong, commanding, dominating and in no need of a sub that would be perfect,but he did. The story that Sierra wrote is so burning that I had trouble keeping composed while reading it!! She is strong, so is he. Its a marvelous, well written story. I love Sierra's writing style. She writes in a way that makes you feel as though you really know the characters and know what they would really do in a situation,and when Kelsey was brought to the "moment" (no spoiler here.) SHE DID EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT SHE SHOULD AND WOULD DO! She did what I would have done. BRAVO! Sierra.take a bow,you did good!Thank you!!

  Review by January Apted

All I can say is WOW! I was super excited to read Nathan's book to see how the work driven Dom's story would unfold. From the first few pages I was hooked the way Nathan studied Kelsey, and Kelsey reaction to Nathan was cute. The scenes of them together were some of the hottest I've read. Thank you Sierra for another great book and I can't wait to read more.

  Review by Aimz

Boss by Sierra Cartwright is super HOT! I loved Nathan and Kelsey, and he has become my favorite Donovan…. Mondays are hard enough, but when you walk into your office and find out everything has changed overnight is unreal. To top it off your new boss is none other than Nathan Donovan! Kelsey talks to her friend about her interest in BDSM and a new club, and Nathan happens to intercept this information and decides he wants to be the one to introduce her to the world of BDSM. They have super hot chemistry but it’s not all fun and games and with being together at work and after hours takes its toll…. Will they have what it takes to be together or will it drive them apart… Love this book!

  Review by April Best

BOSS is Awesome!! Nathan Donovan may be the baby brother but he's all DOM. Kelsey Lane is a smart and very Independent woman!! When the two meet sparks fly. It's an edgy, fast paced, sweet ride with some humor thrown in, plus a pretty amazing watch that knows tooo much!!! Great read and I'm sad this ride is over!!

  Review by Sharlene

Kelsey goes into work one morning to find she has a new boss. She has no idea that her previous boss Mr Newman was even thinking about selling up and moving on so you can imagine her shock when she finds Nathan Donovan there instead! Things are a little hostile for a while until she found out Mr Newman was ill in hospital and that he hadn't meant to leave his company so soon. Kelsey and Nathan start to get on a little easier throughout the day, so much that they end up going out for food. They find they have a mutual attraction. Nathan finds out Kelsey is interested in BDSM and that she's going to Deviation with her friend Andi. If you like stories with a lot of sex then you will enjoy this! I really enjoyed this story even though I thought the characters moved far too quickly for my liking. Maybe I'm just getting old! I was given this book in return for an honest review. Hey Sierra, I want a Julien Bonds watch pretty please!!

  Review by Chris Schleihauf

Been waiting to read the third book in this series and I was not disappointed. Sierra Cartwright has delivered a hot book full of great scenes. Her characters take on a life of their own and you feel like you are right there with them. Nathan and Kelsey have chemistry right from the beginning and their interactions are explosively hot. Nathan is everything Kelsey doesn't want in a man and Kelsey is everything Nathan wants. I had a hard time putting down the book.

  Review by Annette Schleihauf

Sizzling!! I believe Boss may be the best one of the series. The chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey is off the charts starting at their first meeting. Sierra Cartwright continues to write about strong female leads. Kelsey can hold her own in the business world and has great leadership skills that impress Nathan at every turn. She does not understand fully why her submission is so enjoyable but Nathan is just the man to help her embrace it and take on the world of business. Exploring their kinky side has never been so HOT! Nathan and Kelsey's first kiss was enough to scorch the pages and it only got hotter with each encounter. Wow! Sierra Cartwright has certainly mastered the art of writing panty dropping/soaking love scenes with Boss!

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