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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Ms. Lee has penned a tantalizingly sweet little tale full of big bad wolves, vampyres, and a little bit of magic. The journey for these lover is rocky, to say the least. Seems fate is always against them. 

It’s always nice to see something new and this quaint little tale didn’t disappoint.

Vampyres and Lycans, it doesn’t get much better than this. If you’re an avid reader of paranormal beasties and you like a good measure of steamy sex in your stories, then you’ll probably enjoy Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee. It’s a quick read with a fast pace that wastes little time in getting to the good stuff. My only complaint? I wanted more. Perhaps Ms. Lee plans to expand on her characters in future installments. I know I’ll be quick in line to read them.

  Review by Jeep Diva


This fast paced quick read keeps readers on their toes with suspense, action and romance.  The author brings the story to life with vivid images and compelling characters that capture the imagination. The chemistry between Vita and Radek explodes from the pages and the sex scenes are hot and steamy…

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