To Love and Submit

Katy Swann

Customer & Industry Reviews of To Love and Submit

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  Review by Jeep Diva

I found To Love and Submit to be a fun sexy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The two main characters are well written and completely likable. Their story will grab you and leave you wanting more because frankly, it’s a juicy one. This is one book I could not put down and I doubt anyone who reads it will either.


Reviewed by Jacque

  Review by Romancing the Book


The chemistry between Adam and Rachel is scorching.  The sex scenes are blistering.  The more Rachel learns from Adam the more she craves his control. They are a great match and he seems to help her focus on her work and not daydream as much.


I found this book well written.  I loved this book a lot.  I was sucked into the story.  I hope we get to see these two characters again in the future.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  Overall, this was a wonderful story and I hope I find a boss just like Adam.

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