Satisfying Desires

Victoria Blisse

Customer & Industry Reviews of Satisfying Desires

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  Review by Ali Greig

After breaking her wrist and being signed off work Sally is bored out of her mind after just a few days and starving - only so many bowls of soup can be eaten you know. She takes herself of for a walk and eventually gives into the delicious smells coming from the local cafe. Inside she finds Lucas, who instantly wants to look after her, in more ways than one! Great quick read. 

  Review by Jeep Diva

I loved both the characters. They were easy to get into and understand. Lucas was the definition of Knight in Shining Armor from the start to the end. He knew exactly when to cajole, when to push and when to punish. Sally loved being looked after just like any of us would if we were hurt or sick, but isn’t all that sure what to do with the domineering part that Lucas brings out. Maybe because she likes it a little too much.


Reviewed by Angelique

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