Caitlin's Hero

Donna Gallagher

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Big, sweaty men falling on each other - now that's one reason to love rugby! Another is the way this author not only portrays the amazing sport, but gives it life with this amazing hero. Brodie sits among the greats of the sport a true ledged of the game being one of the many men that play not for the hordes of women that flock to them because of their fame and fortune, but simply for the love of the game itself. You've heard of the saying once burned, twice shy, right? Well this guy was burned rather badly by his evil ex-wife, leaving him with little hope of ever opening his heart again. Brodie certainly doesn't expect Caitlin to swim into his life but I am sure you will soon agree that it was a good thing she did! I won't say much more, you can read all the heart warming moments yourself, but I will say this - I am waiting with baited breath for JT's story.

  Review by Customer

The is one of my favorites of the series, I really liked how their Brodie and Caitlin's relationship developed. I also appreciated the HEA, it wasn't the conventional ending, but it worked for them.

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