All Jacked Up

Desiree Holt

Customer & Industry Reviews of All Jacked Up

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  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

I loved this charming story of two very different people who need just what the other has in order to get on with their own lives and personal evolution...It was superbly written, with strong and compelling characterization and perfect timing. The erot

  Review by Customer

I loved this book. It hit a note with me, as I am getting older, and realized that what I am looking for, may not be what I need or what does it for me.. I loved the characters, the fact they are not perfect and each has their own quirks. This is a keeper and I have already shared how much I loved it with others...

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

All Jacked Up is absolutely delicious! It's hot, hot, hot and filled with smokin' hot sex that will leave you feeling hot-and-bothered from beginning to end. You'll hardly be able to turn the pages fast enough, it's that good...

  Review by Two Lips Reviews

This story just goes to show you that you never know who you are going to love….you should always keep your options open. After all, if jack had only gone after what he wanted and had not taken a chance on Darcy, he would have missed out on the

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