Office Hours

Sam Crescent

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  Review by Tealeah Prior

Sam sure knows how to weave awesome stories. Here she has done it again with this little gem of a story. I love this story because the heroine is a gorgeous full figured woman. Personally I love to read stories about heroines who aren't perfect. The hero is of course drop dead sexy and knows what he wants. I would highly recommend this to anybody especially Sam Crescent fans. Love it!

  Review by Customer

unexpected humor (think purple dildo, sexual squabbles and let's not forget the vibrating underwear) had me laughing for a long time after finishing the book...flow of the story line was superb...Priceless story and perfection at its finest.

  Review by Kathy

Wonderfully erotic story depicting every working woman's fantasy - getting the boss to fall madly in love with you! The characters are well defined, the story exciting, romantic and erotic at times. A great summer read for a spot of romance in your life.

  Review by Customer

This was my first read from the author. I enjoyed the read, I thought it was really cute. The story was short and to the point. Nathan signed up his personal assistant Anya and himself on a team building weekend for couples, thinking this would help their relationship in the office. But he didn't really see the fine print that it's for romantic couples.Anya didn't want to go because she has the hots for her boss and Nathan wanted a submissive, which he's never really seen in Anya because she seems Mrs. Proper in the office. While on their weekend trip, they are trapped in a snow storm and sexual pleasure consume both Anya and Nathan. The read for me had me laughing when it came to the interaction between Nathan and Anya. Anya was a professional in the office and a freak at home. Nathan was cute to me ; he's not your typical millionaire. In this book you have a purple dildo, vibrating panties, a cat and mouse game, sexual bickering, a few laughs and a sexy limo ride. It was basically a fun quick read. Loved the epilogue.

  Review by Customer

What better way to ignite a new romance than to be stranded in the wilderness during winter armed only with a map and a little food, right?...Nathan and Anya are both appealing characters and were fun and somewhat comical to read about...a hot little story.

  Review by Book Wenches

...a sensual tale...a light, sexy secretary/boss romance...

  Review by Erotica for All

I really enjoyed this novella...A brilliant debut release...

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