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Renee Michaels - ARe Post

When I started writing I was told it would be best to pick a genre and stick to that particular category. The reason being that readers tend to pick a certain kind of book and stick to it. I rejected this idea. I read a lot, probably too much, and I read a wide variety of books.  That being said, I don’t see how I could pick just one type of story to read or write.  I’ve written, fantasy, paranormal, historical, and interracial. I hope to scribble a romantic suspense one day. I never pen a novel thinking how well the story is going to sell. My aim is to spin a tale peppered with a little sex, well more than a little—a dash of adventure and some humour. I hope that will be good enough to engage anyone who reads my work and that they’ll want to see how my story unfolds.

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