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Elizabeth Coldwell - BTSe Mag post

If there’s one thing guaranteed to have me hooked on a romance story, it’s an ongoing battle of wills between hero and heroine. There’s no doubt that both of them desire each other like crazy, but they loudly declare to anyone who’ll listen that the last thing they want is to be in a relationship. They express their feelings for each other by means of sharp, snappy dialogue, constantly trying to have the upper hand and the last word in any conversation. 

Elizabeth Coldwell - USA Today Feature

Three books on my keeper shelves:

• White Palace by Glenn Savan. This is just a perfect "odd couple" romance. The relationship between a young, uptight Jewish widower and a burger waitress from the wrong side of the tracks may seem unlikely, but you're rooting for them to make it work — and the sex scenes are surprisingly hot for a mainstream novel.

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