Lyra Byrnes

Lyra Byrnes has been a writer her whole life, which is her way of living entirely in a fantasy world. After years in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans, she made herself at home in Indianapolis by decorating her house to look like an exotic 19th-century bordello. In between concocting scintillating scenarios, she can be found playing accordion, reading, haunting various jazz clubs or in the basement making soap.

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I really enjoyed this story... Absolutely up my rock star romance alley, I found myself engaged and enjoying the story play out.

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Wow. Wrong move, Damon Wayans.
 Tweeted 06/09/2015 20:25
Bumblebee soap, scented with grapefruit and wildflower honey.
 Tweeted 05/09/2015 19:35
First in our series of children's books on astronomy finished before 9 am. Boom! Who's a rock star? #themouseonmountwilson
 Tweeted 05/09/2015 00:05
Girl crush on Nora @FaceOffSyfy
 Tweeted 27/08/2015 02:55
Num num num! Violet Hour blackberry & sage bath soap by AmoretNola via @Etsy
 Tweeted 30/05/2015 00:36

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