Barbara Huffert

For Barbara Huffert, reading has always been a favourite pastime. A few years ago, she started her first novel after one of the friends she trades books with challenged her to write something better than the last book they read. Barbara's been writing ever since. With her three opinionated cats sprawled wherever is most inconvenient, she now spends her days happily wandering through the worlds of her characters.

You can take a look at Barbara's Blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Reviews (6)

Off the charts hot!!!!! Wish there were more floors and I'd love to see the rest of the story!

This literally melted the page! I loved the hot and intense lift scene followed by a suggestive and sensual birthday that I would have loved to be invited to! The only thing I would have liked t...

A staggeringly beautiful blend of pathos and passion as our heroine, wandering in another dark day without meaning or emotion, finds in capable hands and a caring heart irredescent splendor thro...

My Last Dark Day is a sizzling story of trust, pleasure, and pain... I would definitely recommend this story to any erotica lover.

I read Deal of a Lifetime and liked that, this is so much more exciting. I could hardly wait to see what they would do in his house. He could do my body anytime he likes!! What a hunk!!

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