Ginny Michaels

So you really want to know about me? Well, actually there's not much to tell. Am I a mom? Yes, to two beautiful kids. Am I married? Yes, to one very happy husband (at least he was the last time I checked.) How long have I been writing? A long time, only recently did I decide to get serious and put my imagination to work. I love everything romance. I'm also a firm believer that no one should be afraid to explore their forbidden desires, a belief my husband is happy I embrace.

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Reviews (6)

It was really interesting, the concept of training new submissives at Club Exotica...I eagerly await the next story in this series.

The author does a great job...a winner with those readers who enjoy their romances steamy, their rock stars hunky, and their heroines portrayed as extremely strong women who battle through adve...

That's Rock-n-Roll is a spicy, spunky book full of fun...That's Rock-n-Roll is a sweet romance with passionate characters that will melt your heart as well as the pages.

If you haven't started The Training of Maggie Malone series by Ginny Michaels yet, you should seriously look into it. The characters are great, the plot is unique and the erotic scenes are ...

Sensational is the first thing that comes to mind after finishing First Encounter by Ginny Michaels. I think this is one of the few BDSM stories that has interested me from the first...I thorou...

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