The Agency: Vol 3 PRINT

By Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Intimate Knowledge

While camping Jennifer unwittingly stumbles upon a corrupt conspiracy. Only Saul—her best friend since childhood—can help her unravel the complex plot and keep her safe.

When Jennifer Mabbot goes camping in the Forest of Dean for some much needed soul-searching, she had no idea her life was about to take a very drastic turn. Witnessing a strange man burying a wooden box in the middle of the night, she thought it strange but nothing overly noteworthy.

Until, that is, she came home to be confronted by two men, clearly intent on hurting her for the whereabouts of the burial site. Turning to the only person she could trust—her life-long best friend, Saul Haslen—she asks for help and gets more than she could possibly bargain for.

Jennifer knows Saul does some sort of Government work, but actually he is an elite member of The Agency. With danger coming from all sides and neither of them fully understanding what's happening, they must work together to uncover the truth.

Before, Jennifer would have sworn she knew practically everything there was to know of Saul. But they are both learning more about each other, personally and sexually. Within that intimate knowledge lies the key to both their futures, and lasting happiness.


Unearthed Treasure

Chelsea and David have been working a year and a half to stop a smuggling ring. While discovering the last link, they unearth a far greater treasure—that of each other's love.

Chelsea Atchison and David Greer have been working deep undercover for the last eighteen months to break a smuggling ring. Finally uncovering a workable lead they join the crew with the intention of helping them break into and steal from the National Gallery of London. What they hadn't expected to uncover was the simmering desire for one another.

With no one but each other to trust, surrounded on all sides by their enemy and even their beloved work place—The Agency—starts to doubt them. The trust Chelsea and David had built between themselves explodes passionately into much, much more.

Still, they need to focus on the big picture, discovering the shadowy boss that the smuggling crew is answerable to and bringing him and the others to justice. When that involves breaking every law in the book, what's one more—sexual intimacy between colleagues?

General Release Date: 27th September 2013

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ISBN: 978-1-78184-637-7
Word Count: 67,963
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 263

About the author
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Elizabeth Lapthorne

Elizabeth Lapthorne has been writing professionally since 2002. She has a number of books released and is continually surprised by how much fun she has starting a new book and discovering new characters and situations that they put themselves in. She enjoys going to the gym (usually to chew over her latest problem scene), is rarely without a partially read book and has a weakness for chocolate.

Elizabeth loves to hear from her fans and checks her email religiously.

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