Guest Post with Kassandra Lea

Posted by Heidi Blakey on 1st September 2017

Some years back now I lost a piece of writing I thought was absolutely brilliant. I hadn't had a chance to save it when my computer crashed and it became lost forever in the void. That was enough to convince me to not only save often, but to also have multiple files for one story. Needless to say, I’ve been saved a lot of heartache over the years because of this practice. Just the other day I was reminded of this as I plugged the flash drive into my laptop and discovered the files gone. I had experienced trouble with my laptop the night before, aside from that, I can’t tell you what became of those files. 

Now thankfully, there wasn't much on this particular drive. The two novels in-progress were saved in two other places as well as the novella. No biggie. However, I’m currently working on a new novelette for JMS and like my old foolish self I hadn’t gotten around to saving it. I just left the word document open on my desktop. 

Two things saved me from losing this file. My cell phone and OneDrive. When I’m on the go I use my phone to write. It allows me to be more efficient and actually get things done. So this missing story was available on my phone. And everything written on my phone is instantly uploaded to OneDrive. Needless to say, I was very overjoyed. 

The file in question has now been successfully saved elsewhere as well as remaining on OneDrive.

In other news, I’ve been playing with old files, walking down memory lane to visit characters I haven't seen in forever. I’ve decided to blow the dust off a few of them and start playing with them again. We'll see if anything becomes of it. 

Today, as far as getting things done, I’ve accomplished this post, a guest blog post (to be available in the future), a synopsis/ novella pitch, and working out half a storyline. Now I shall spend the evening getting some good writing in...

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Happy reading, Kassandra Lea

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