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L.A. Kennedy is a Canadian born writer, living in the ever-growing city of Vancouver, Canada. Here, she spends her days getting lost in the beauty of reading and writing. L.A. Kennedy mainly writes fictional books. And can be found researching myth, folklore, and everything in between, with a special interest in edge-of-your-seat paranormal romance. L.A. Kennedy can be found behind a mountain of books, on any given Sunday.

L.A. Kennedy’s writing credits include two hit series that mix mystery, horror, paranormal romance, fantasy, and intrigue.

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Reviews (3)

As always, L.A. Kennedy has kept me entertained from the moment I started reading. This one is even better that book one and has me waiting for more!

L.A. Kennedy is one of my favourite authors! She did not disappoint! I was caught up in the story after the first chapter and had a hard time putting it down. Can't wait for the next book!


This dark and twisty read was just what I was in the mood for, even if I didn't know it at the time. The author does a great job of putting the reader in tune with Frost and Jules’ emotions an...

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