Wicked Distractions Series

Angela Addams

Cowan Enterprises is a company built on exploring all manner of Wicked Distractions. From spanking to multiple partners, voyeurism to bondage, their number one priority is catering to your deepest desires. Customer satisfaction is a must.

The people behind the scenes, those running the show, know that the stakes are high, the competition fierce and the demand for loyalty an absolute necessity. They know when give up control and when to pull rank. They know all about pushing boundaries.

They are led by the sensual and savvy Sabine Cowan, who ensures that everyone who works for Cowan Enterprises understands that no company can survive without trust, respect and the unified desire to succeed. It’s a belief that extends beyond the company lines to personal lives as well.

Being a part of Cowan Enterprises isn’t only about making money and striving to be the best in the industry, however. It also means protecting the ones you love, no matter the cost.

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