Sweet Nothings Series

Maren Jenner

Everyone wants a happily ever after, some just take longer than others.

Derek Elgin doesn’t know the wild ride he’s in for when Avery Milbourne changes everything with one tie-grabbing kiss. Their relationship sets the bar for their four friends, who all strive to attain the height of The Cupcake Standard.

Derek’s sister, Rhonda, breaks up with her fiancé because he doesn’t meet the standard. Unlike her chauffeur and longtime friend, Greg Peterson, who checks all the boxes. Now she just has to get him to notice her. It’s definitely a dilemma, The Jellybean Dilemma.

Avery’s best friend, Gina Rossi, constantly butts heads with Derek’s best friend, Liam Davenport. When the ever-present tension between them turns into something more, everyone is thrilled. But then a blackmailer interferes with Gina’s newly found bliss, and it’s her heart on the line. Talk about The Red-Hot Stakes.

 Follow these six friends through their respective journeys to find that elusive happily ever after in the Sweet Nothings Trilogy.

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