Prescott Woods Series

Bebe Balocca

In and around a certain small town in eastern Kentucky, things are definitely not what they seem. Charade is home to hippies, belly dancers, hobby chicken farmers, and other refugees from big-city life. Residents of Charade love to play and work in their mellow Appalachian village, where the Summer of Love lasts all year.

Charade natives like having a deep, dark woods next to their town, but they rarely venture into its shadowy nooks and crannies. Prescott Woods is teeming with magical beings who have the ability to disguise their appearance in order to keep mortals away. Elves, gnomes, trolls, tree spirits, and a headstrong family of Fair Folk inhabit the lush swath of mountainous land.

Prescott Manor, the family home of Calvin Prescott, serves as the bridge between the denizens of the wild, magical woods and the mortals of the Charade.

Magic and passion collide in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, where it pays to remember that a long, steamy soak in the Healing Waters and Living Earth will do more than wash your cares away.

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