Fallbank Series

Cass Scotka

Welcome to Fallbank, Oregon! For the Wildes-Osborne family, life is simple and quiet in this logging town. Bridget Wildes has taken over her family store and is focused on keeping the doors open, not the hot new logger, Jack. He’s here to learn the timber business instead of getting distracted by his gorgeous new neighbor. When the town economy becomes at risk, can Jack find a solution to keep Fallbank alive and make Bridget fall?

When Sarah Wildes hauls herself back from Seattle to lick her wounds and start fresh, she doesn’t count on a wedding forcing her to be around her ex all the time. Cornelius never imagined Sarah coming home or that his mother’s illness would spur him to make love a priority. With hearts on the line, can these two heal from the past and see if they can make love stay?

Bishop “Hop” Osborne has finally returned home from his time in the military and without the fiancée he caught with someone else. Jane Swift runs the local B&B and is used to being in the background. When Hop offers to help Jane train for a half marathon, she finds herself flustered with all the attention. Can she mend his wounded heart while he helps her realize she meant to be seen?

Becca Wildes loves her farm and her family but living in a small town makes meeting other women a challenge. Newly divorced Astrid Nagel and her kids move to Fallbank to restart her event business in conjunction with the Wild Rose Inn. When Becca tells a little white lie about the cute event planner to her parents, Astrid agrees to fake date Becca for the upcoming party. After spending time together, Becca wonders what does it take to change from faking someone is yours to making someone yours?

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