Castle on the Loch Series

Raven McAllan

The Drummond family of Castle Bearradh

Marcail, Baird and Bonnie.

Siblings with special abilities.

Some they accept, some they don’t.

All will change their lives—if they are prepared to accept the consequences.

Descended from Morven and her lover, who died at Culloden, each of them has a special place in the family history, with a job to do.

Nothing any of them relish.

Marcail has to accept the voices in her head are genuine, and only she can help Paden.

Baird has to accept he’s been sent to New Zealand for a reason, and although he might not like it, or agree with the woman he butts heads with, Helena will play an important place in his life.

As for Bonnie, the baby of the family? She’s happy, living on the island, weaving for relaxation and writing her books—because she wants to. What she doesn’t want is to be told by Lachan how to write her next story, or that she has to go to Skye to write it.

Whether they agree or not, they all hold the future of their family in their hands.

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