The Renaissance of Blair Drummond

By Raven McAllan

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When family history has to be resolved and wrongdoings undone. Love recognised, accepted and returned. Then, only then, can live move forward. Or can it?

Baird Drummond is the only one who can help his ancestors correct wrongdoings after Culloden.

Now centuries later, he's the one who appears to be learning what life has in store for him, and he's not happy about it all.

A teacher exchange to Wanaka in New Zealand? He's all for that. Until he gets told The Wanaka Tree is important to his family—but not why.

Or why his new landlady isn't overjoyed to meet him.

It's not that restauranteur Helena actively dislikes him—she suspects it's anything but. However she has enough on her mind without considering whether she might have a future with Baird.

Like people appearing in front of her who aren't really there, youths wondering if she's worth robbing, and a dishwasher with a mind of its own.

With each other's help they thwart the potential robbers, and solve the mystery of Baird's heritage. Then and only then do they look forward to the future.

General Release Date: 13th June 2023

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-804-8
Word Count: 80,000
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL

About the author
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Raven McAllan

After 30 plus years in Scotland, Raven now lives near the east Yorkshire coast, with her long-suffering husband, who is used to rescuing the dinner, when she gets immersed in her writing, keeping her coffee pot warm and making sure the wine is chilled.

With a new home to decorate and a garden to plan, she’s never short of things to do, but writing is always at the top of her list.

Her other hobbies include walking along the coast and spotting the wildlife, reading, researching, cros stitch and trying not to drop stitches as she endeavours to knit.

Being left-handed, and knitting right-handed, that’s not always easy.

She loves hearing from her readers, either via her website, by email or social media.

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