Boundaries Serial

Rachel Porter is desperate to meet a real life Dom.  Someone who will give her the erotic spankings she’s been fantasising about in her dreams.  So when she unexpectedly bumps into her sexy but demanding boss, Adam Stone, at  Boundaries, an exclusive BDSM club, it seems all her dreams are about to come true.

After a steamy start to their deepening D/s relationship, though, Rachel learns that Adam will soon demand her complete surrender, as his slave.  Rachel doesn’t want to live the lifestyle 24/7, but unfortunately, she’s fallen in love with Adam and can’t bring herself to tell him how she feels for fear of losing him.

Rachel has also had to battle with lifelong betrayal and heartache, and her inability to let go of the past nearly destroys her chances of happiness with Adam.

But Adam won’t give up on Rachel, and tells her that he will collar her, one way or another.  With Adam’s support, Rachel tries desperately to face the truth and embrace her submission.

Not everyone is so supportive though.  It seems that someone will stop at nothing to get the only two things they want—revenge and Adam Stone. As they get closer to their goal, Rachel suddenly finds herself thrown into a desperate battle for survival.

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