Revenge Never Dies Series

Nadia Aidan

La Ville des Dieux. It may be called the city of the gods, but it is a dark place full of demons and devils, evil that preys upon the weak and the vulnerable.

Four mortal men own the city and control the lives of all who live within its vast borders. Four men who call themselves gods…who were born to this world with ordinary lives and pedestrian names. Their beauty is what distinguishes them-their ability to incite lust, to fulfil desires, to create fantasies is what made them gods among men.

With the faces of angels and godlike bearings, they are revered. But the four women with whom they share a tortured past will soon reveal just how mortal these "gods" truly are, when they return to the men's lives seeking retribution for past sins.

What all of them are about to discover is that while some sins require payment in blood-sins of the flesh can only be atoned for with the surrender of the body…

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