The Blood Contract

MJ Klipfel

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Blood Contract

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  Review by S. H. Gray

*Note: I received an ARC copy of this book* Overall rating: 9.5 rounded up to 10 The half star loss is for a trope I don’t fancy being at the end. I really enjoyed this book. It started out with a little more “we have issues because we don’t talk to each other” than I usually like, but the author gave the characters reasons for that, so it worked out. This book was a quick, easy read that I finished off in an afternoon. I haven’t read anything by this author before and I think I’ll pick up other books in their catalog in the future. The setting was easy to keep track of, the plot was interesting and engaging, and the spice worked really well. Sometimes the spice felt like it was leaning towards being a bit much, but again, worked well in the context of the story. I liked that this works as a standalone, but also hints at a larger world that is in other books. That works really well for people who want a nice standalone and for people who’d like to get more into a larger world.

  Review by Deborah Kemp

This book draws you in by the author’s very descriptive scenes. It feels like you are right there, witnessing all that is happening. Great storyline, lots of spice, and so well written. I look forward to more books by this talented Author MJ Klipfel!!!

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