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  Review by Victoria

Coven of Desire road trip I enjoyed this second book in the Coven of Desire series. In contrast to the previous two, this one is written completely in Cal’s POV. Following on from him killing his dad, the Alpha, in “Claw”, Cal gets a message from his mum that she needs help, another pack is threatening her. Layla suggests a road trip together, which of course means Ink has to come too. Ink adds a lot of humour to the trip, with Cal having nightmares about his dad and a prophesy that the one who kills the Alpha will take his place; I also enjoyed seeing them get to know each other more through the trip. I liked the reference at the end, linking other characters from the previous book, again hinting towards a much larger story running through the series. I’m looking forwards to find out more in the next book. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  Review by Ingrid V

Fang picks up where Claw left off but with Cal in the lead role. Cal tries to pick up his life after his father, the Alpha of the cult he and his brother were imprisoned in, is murdered. But then he gets a message from his mother that he has to come home. He fears for her safety because of his father's death. Layla helps him by making her car available, but then she wants to come along. And with her comes Ink, the lust demon bound to her. Along the way, they brave dangers, run into an acquaintance of Cal and have to fight for their lives. But along the way, Cal and Layla also realize their feelings for each other. The jealousy that Cal feels about Ink fades into the background. An exciting story with a nymph, witch, hunters and werewolves. The end is open and signals the start of a sequel story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  Review by Bianca M

This series is progressing with character development from all around. I liked how the POV was from Cal -I feel like it gives some good insight. It was definitely interesting!

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