A Reluctant Attraction

Rosanna Leo

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Reluctant Attraction

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  Review by HEA or Bust Blog

I had a feeling, from the beginning, that Nick’s book would be my favorite, and I was absolutely right. I love all the Zorn brothers, but Nick—the youngest Handyman, the cheeky charmer—he holds a special place in my heart. THEN to find out he’s a little anxious bb, so much so that it affects him in the bedroom. My heart!

  Review by The Smut Report

UGHHH this is such a phenomenal end to the Handymen Series and I loved it so much. Just being honest, this book gets extra points for having a Grandma Ingrid who has a lot of cats because honestly, shouldn’t all books have a Grandma Ingrid who loves cats? I just need to get that out of the way. I felt really strongly about it. This series is so fearless and wholesome in the way it approaches the messiness and trauma of life, and it does it in a sexy and sweet way. I don’t know how, but the author unpacks these things that could be depicted with a touch of shame or embarrassment or drama and she does it with so much moxie that it just feeds into that new relationship buzz, and it WORKS.

  Review by Kelly Siskind

A Reluctant Attraction touches on emotional subjects with tenderness and heart. I rooted for Nick and Claire from page one and loved how real the felt. With equal parts steam and swoon, the third installment of the Handymen series is an awesome romantic escape.

  Review by Anise Eden

A RELUCTANT ATTRACTION is a sumptuous feast of a read, another perfect instalment in the brilliant HANDYMAN series! Like the very best BBQ, it’s rich in substance, smokin’ hot, and made me cry! Leo’s signature wit and deft hand at creating rich emotional worlds are both on full display in this unputdownable read. Contractor Nick is the guy everyone thinks lives a perfect life, but looks can be deceiving. Meanwhile, Claire’s cat sanctuary is a labor of love, but she’s drowning in bills and still grieving for her late husband. Both of these main characters are wonderful people who are full of heart and in need of the kind of healing that only love can bring. With the fixer-upper house and its feline residents as compelling characters on their own, this novel is definitely a “must read!”

  Review by Rebecca

I loved all of the Handymen series. This one feels extra special. The characters feel real, like people you know. Very sensitive subjects are bought to light, that are seldom discussed in literature, and addressed skillfully. The Zorn brothers create a sense of family and unity within their colleagues and readers! Another great read!!! I read this book in exchange for an honest review.

  Review by Laurel Greer

In A Reluctant Attraction, Rosanna Leo finishes off the Handymen series on just the right note. The Zorn men have been delicious from page one of A Good Man, and Nick is no exception. Like in the first two books of the series, Claire and Nick’s story is marked by sensitive topics, which are handled with care and empathy. The emotions and experiences are realistic and approached in a way that respects the depth of the characters’ problems, but still offers Nick and Claire a joyful and believable HEA. The world is richly created, from the cat rescue to the renovation details. Also - it’s sexy and has its funny moments, too. A Reluctant Attraction was a wonderful send off for characters I really loved. I am definitely adding The Handymen to my reread pile, as I’m not ready to say goodbye. Can’t recommend this series enough.

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