Igniting Love

Sara Ohlin

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  Review by Megan Mitchell

Another excellent book by Sara Ohlin! I could not put this love story down! Katie & Leo have passion for sure, but also it’s the beautiful and honest way Ohlin writes about the entire family of characters, including Katie’s three girls and their struggle to become a family again. It’s precious and sexy, fun and serious and I think it might be my favorite of her’s yet!

  Review by Rosanna Leo

Author Sara Ohlin has created an engaging world with her Rescue Me series. In the series, we see close friendships and family connections, as well as some very romantic relationships. That is exactly what we get with Igniting Love. Both hero Leo and heroine Katie have loved and lost in the past. Those losses have left them with scars and a whole lot of hesitation, especially because Katie has three young daughters and she is trying hard to make a stable life for them. Hot Leo is probably the last thing she needs right now...but as every good romance shows us, you can't help but surrender when love is in the air. I like that these characters feel like real people with real concerns. The story has a lot of heat and a very tense ending involving Katie's eldest daughter and her schoolmates. However, all resolves well and happily.

  Review by Romantically Inclined Reviews

There's some insta-love between the characters, lots of "souls crashing together" talk, and the dialogue and writing style is very poetic in a way. Some readers who prefer their romance novels a little more straight forward might not jive with the flowery language used here, but I know that many readers will appreciate the sheer amount of feeling that went into the writing. Still, fair-warning that it occasionally gets a tad eye-rollingly adorable (especially where the kids are involved).

I liked Katie and Leo together. There was a lot of push and pull that kept their relationship interesting and their insta-connection was fun to read. There was just the right amount of drama in just the right number of doses where you're entertained but you still want them to end up together at the end. The interactions between Leo and Katie's daughters were precious and I really loved the short glimpses into the eldest daughter's life and struggles as well.
All in all, Igniting Love would be the perfect read for those who want good writing, don't mind their romances occasionally tipping into over-the-top, and who can appreciate the journey of a mature woman. I'd absolutely keep going with this series because all the characters were charming and I have some serious questions for the hot Uncle.

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