Type Dirty to Me

Roxanne D. Howard

Customer & Industry Reviews of Type Dirty to Me

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  Review by Trully

Brem Lockwood likes knowing that he can have a conversation with almost anyone. He is really good with people but isn't as smooth with his choice in women. He finds temporary situations because he doesn't like confrontation yet he wants to attract something more substantial. Madelyn Stacilli is newly divorced and glad to have a great support system. It wasn't easy to divorce someone who knew how to intimidate her so easily. Yet she's free. Now what? She has her own secrets that she indulges in and she's also liking the looks of the next door neighbor. She doesn't mind that he's a flirt because she doesn't take him seriously. There is a time to have to choose what is right for us and what can really hurt us. It's not easy for Brem to see where he needs to be since he's sought after in many countries. This novel is steamy, intense and unpredictable. Thank you for this delightful well written book!

  Review by Pat Walley

I was totally engaged in this great story from the very beginning! The characters were created with such great detail and depth that the dynamics and chemistry between the characters made this book well worth the read!

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