Saved by the Alphas

Jayce Carter

Customer & Industry Reviews of Saved by the Alphas

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  Review by MosaicCreme

As with Jayce Carter's other books in this series, Saved by the Alphas was a delightful mix of steamy sex scenes and intriguing plot. Tracy, the main female character, really spoke to me on a personal level due to her history of being in an abusive relationship and the mess it leaves you in once you're finally free. Jayce got so much of Tracy just so perfectly right, and I love her for it! Not only did she show the pain, the fear of trust and of men/alphas, she also showed the determination and the constant courage women go through as they fight to reclaim, remake, rebuild themselves after an abusive relationship. Of course, the three Alphas were HOT, but Dylan also spoke to me on some level with his bad boy, devil may care attitude. I absolutely loved that he didn't treat Tracy like a delicate flower, despite her history, but helped her set the bar high and held her to her own expectations. All around, this is just a fantastic book!

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