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  Review by Rita

Capture is told in multiple point of views and multiple timelines. But the author’s writing flows so well that all the stories intertwined, finally come together in a perfectly mastered way. Capture is a very well-researched book with an interesting and different take on vampires. The author drops the information regarding the past of the hero and heroine and their family secrets slowly throughout the story. It contributes to build very interesting characters with a lot of depth and keeps the reader hooked and wanting to read on. This novel has a lot of well-written sexy scenes but is also a perfect mix of suspense and romance. If you are looking for a very well-researched romance novel with lots of sexy scenes, this series is for you. I’m looking forward to read the second book in the series, Discover, and see what’s waiting for Richard and Eva but also read more about the Jade and Violet vampire clans and the whole history around them.

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