The Duke's Temptation

Raven McAllan

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Duke's Temptation

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  Review by Allie Burnside

I found The Duke's Temptation an entertaining read with interesting and intriguing characters. The author has an accessible style of writing style that dusts the novel with lovely period details, but always keeps the story moving forwards. The hero, Gibb, has a good heart but is troubled by his past and afraid to take on the responsibility of another lover. It was the heroine Evangeline that I was especially taken with; a French knife thrower with an unresolved history. Her day job requires self-belief and an unfaltering nerve. I liked her physicality, she isn’t easily intimidated but I always felt her actions, whilst often daring, remained realistic. She always acts with dignity, poise and a steely determination and not surprisingly I was rooting for her from early on. This is the first I’ve read from this author, but I’ve a feeling I’ll be back for more. I received an ARC in return for an honest review of this novel.

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