Death Chant

Vella Munn

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  Review by Wicked Reads

This is an intense and exciting murder mystery. I loved the overwhelming sense of place in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and I enjoyed the convincing and well researched First Nations voices, beliefs, and traditions captured in this story.

The mystery is genuinely frightening. The expanse of the forest, combined with an intense sense of claustrophobia creates tension as Winter finds herself surrounded by characters she doesn’t trust, and fears she will be the next victim. I enjoyed the supernatural elements of this story – there is a sense of foreboding that creates unease from the first pages and I loved the eerie feel to the story.

There is some romance between Winter and Jay, but I most enjoyed their friendship. They work well together as they investigate the murders and I enjoyed the contrast between their experiences as Native Americans.

Having grown up not far away from Olympic National Park in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, I was awed by how well the writer captures the atmosphere of the dense temperate rainforests. Her Aboriginal characters are respectfully drawn as she explores conflict between generations and demonstrates an understanding of some of the issues facing the people she writes about.

This is a fantastic story and I look forward to more from this author.

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