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  Review by The Jeep Diva

What a sizzling story! Talk about chemistry! It leapt off the pages! Both are instantly taken with each other and their sexy scenes are super hot! Madison Night wrote an incredibly spicy, romantic story. I loved both characters and how things unfolded for them. With this being a short story, it is perfect to unwind while in-between longer novels or for a quick read by the pool on vacation! Highly recommend!

  Review by Crystal Blogs Books

Oh, holy mother of hotness! This little sexy snax was freaking amazing. Firefly and Desmond were so damn hot together. I loved Libby being turned into a bumbling mess whenever Desmond is in her coffee shop. His eagle eyes spot everything and boy do things heat up in a flash. Firefly was the perfect length, a little sample of the author's writing style. Just long enough to leave readers (and the characters) satisfied, yet wanting more from author Madison Night. 

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Although the story is purposely short, it has all of the elements of a satisfying story from interesting characters to panty-melting interactions. Although I was a bit surprised at the ending, I believe the author did a great job delivering a slight twist and I can see why she chose to end it that way. Libby's struggle between her day and night personas provides some humorous scenarios as she dodged Desmond's advances. Short and sweet, author Madison Night delivers an action-packed read that is full of passion and excitement. 

  Review by Wicked Reads

Quick, hot, steamy read! Super steamy read. I really enjoyed it, it has a great flow and I devoured it in one sitting. I’ll definitely be looking for future books from Madison Night.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

This is a read-in-one-sitting kind of story. I picked it because I could imagine how Libby felt about getting to meet Des. I think what rounded the story out nicely was that Libby got more out of the interlude than just amazing sex, as if that wasn’t enough. She gained self-confidence. Some might think an exotic dancer must have tons of self-confidence but not necessarily.

Short on time, but want to enjoy a fantasy fulfilled? Firefly is hot and good for some sexy dream fuel. It certainly had me thinking. A nice way to spend a cold evening.

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